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Summer 2018 Advanced Cricket Camp

This Product is for youth players, ages 13-17, from all clubs and schools, wanting to build their skills and tactics by learning advanced aspects 

of cricket to further their ability 

For £20 a morning  (9am-12.00pm) players will explore


- T20 style striking- Facing chin music from pace bowlers- Combatting Spin


- Action MOT Increasing effectiveness of stock deliveries - Variations - Plans


- Positioning - Hunting in the circle saving 1's - Boundary riding - Close catching

Wicket Keepers

- Standing up to seamers - setting fields - pouching 'Worldies' off pacemen

Venue: Bath CC, North Parade Bridge Road, Bath, BA2 4EX
Dates:  Tuesday and Thursdays (31st July 2nd 7th 9th 14th 16th August)

IMPORTANT NOTESfees will be refunded, less an Administration Fee of £10. This may take up to 30 days.


Children remaining in our care after the agreed collection time must be supervised by a minimum of two coaches.

We appreciate that sometimes there may be circumstances beyond parent / carer control affecting the prompt collection of your child. If you know you are going to be late collecting the child in our care please call the office 01225 425935 at the earliest opportunity and discuss with a member of staff the arrangements for the collection. Please note that a late stay fee will still be chargeable, unless agreed otherwise, for example in exceptional circumstances. 

All parents/carers will be given a five minute grace period on late collection of their child. If your child has still not been collected 5 minutes after the session has ended (3.35 p.m) then a £10.00 charge will be levied and for every 15 minutes thereafter.

If you are late collecting your child, they will be cared for where possible, by their coaches for the day. Your child will be inside the Clubhouse and reassured by the staff members. 

If your child(ren) remains uncollected 5-15 minutes over the set time:
The parents or carers will be contacted; late stay fees will be collected of £10.

If your child(ren) remains uncollected 15-30 minutes over the set time:
The manager/deputy manager will contact the first emergency contact on your child’s contact card. Please note this will not happen if the manager has been successful in contacting the parent/carer due to collect the child. Late stay fees will still be collected of £20 

Please help us to keep your child safe and meet our data collection obligations by completing this short form. You should complete one form per person applying for membership. All questions relate to the applicant unless otherwise indicated.

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